Filippinsk kampkunst i Oslo

Since 2011 the AEK Norway offers the opportunity to train Filipino Martial Arts in the area of Oslo under the instruction of Carsten Spannagel.

Training is based on the curriculum of the AEK International, Carsten Spannagel is studying Filipino Martial Arts and Bo-jutsu since 1997 with the AEK Germany under Gunner Siebert.

The program of the AEK Norway incorporates various striking-, blocking-, trapping-, throwing-, and disarming-techniques as well as training with one or two sticks (or blades), sword and dagger (Espada y daga), knife-techniques and a range of empty-hand applications from Filipino boxing and kickboxing to ground-fighting (Dumog).

Additionally, forms (Anyos) are learned, which display techniques in a fixed order and are performed alone or with several participants.

There are currently no fixed times for classes. Felle free to contact Carsten, if you want to learn more or have any questions!